To make a difference. That’s the point.

With so many Venture Capital and Private equity Investment available in the market, capital alone is no longer enough. Different to make a difference. That's the point of Point Capital Partners.

Point Capital Partners is an independent Private Equity firm founded by highly experienced investment professionals with an extensive track record across multiple sectors

Our way of working

We don't believe in the one-size-fits-all approach, but there are a few intrinsic values to who we are and how we make a difference. We take a long-term perspective, committing substancial capital, time and internal resources to support and partner with our portoflio on their journeys to achieve relevant and unique market success.


We stand by a solid investment policy with careful asset selection, driven by a disciplined due-diligence process. And we stand by a genuine commitment to the highest standards of business practices and ethics as reflected in our ESG Policy


We are firm believers in collaboration. The foundation of any portfolio investment is its operating management. We do not manage businesses ourselves nor do we simply invest in business plans. We seek proven operators and managers with the skills and personal commitment to drive a company to succeed.


Risk management and preservation of capital has always been a key objective for Point Capital Partners. We achieve this through conservative capital structures, through an innovative and comprehensive investment approach with skilled management teams and the incorporation of responsible principles.


First and foremost, Point is a disciplined investor. For us, this means an unwavering focus on our core competencies and investment approach. We invest in middle market companies in our core areas of expertise and are steadfast in our return requirements throughout market cycles.


We believe in providing much more than capital, so we offer full-support to our portfolio companies with experienced experts and specialists mentors. a extensive network of professional services and in-house support team.


We have innovation in our core-DNA since day 1, and not only constantly challenge the status-quo with fresh innovative models, new alternative assets and new ways of transforming value in the industries we operate.

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